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Bathroom Flexi

Pore deep cleaning of difficult areas with our flexible tool.

At a Glance

Our Flexi Fibre for the toilet, spray rims and outflow pipes has an adjustable shape that means it can effortlessly reach every nook and cranny. If the fibre does not deliver sufficient cleaning power, we recommend applying a few drops of undiluted Calcium Dissolver to the fibre tip and using this to clean the spray rim of the toilet pan. Leave to act and then rinse in order to remove even stubborn dirt from the rim.

Area of Use

Bathrooms, shower rooms, laundry rooms, toilets and urinals, outflow pipes overflow slots, shower screen guide rails, narrow grooves and gaps between and around taps



The Flexi is a special bendable tool for cleaning areas that are hard to reach. Dampen the fibre, fold together and gently squeeze out any excess water. Slide the fibre onto the Flexi tool and pull the label to attach to the hook on the Flexi Metal.


The long handle means that it is even possible to clean various deposits from around the outside of the toilet pan. For stubborn deposits, add a teaspoon or tablespoon of our Calcium Dissolver into the toilet pan and leave it to act overnight. For stubborn deposits on the toilet rim, add a few drops of Calcium Dissolver to the fibre tip before cleaning. Allow to act and then rinse.


Do not scrub or scrape the front edge against hard objects because this can damage the fibre.

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