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Bathroom Glove

Always at your fingertips โ€“ our classic fibre for the bathroom

At a Glance

Bathroom cleaning has never been easier than with the ENJO Bathroom Duoglove. Designed with two hard working sides, the Bathroom Duoglove removes calcium, lime, mould and soap scum to keep your bathroom positively sparkling.

Area of Use

All surfaces in the bathroom โ€“ sink/vanity, bath tub, heavy duty tiles, grouting, shower screens/doors made of tempered glass, hand basins made of ceramic, toilets, etc.


Damp to wet


Daily cleaning can be performed much more quickly if wet surfaces are wiped with the dry Bathroom ENJOfil immediately after the bathroom has been used. To achieve an instant shine, wipe dry with the Bathroom ENJOfil. If cleaning with our white fibre is not sufficient (e.g. an initial deep clean), tackle the surface with the Bathroom Glove together with a few drops of Calcium Dissolver. Rinse with water. Clean hair product from bathroom furniture and washbasins, remove make-up (liquid or powder), eye shadow and lipstick from sinks and taps.


Calcium deposits can act like sandpaper on delicate surfaces as they scratch very easily (e.g. Plexiglas). In these cases, Calcium Dissolver can be used first to dissolve the calcium before rinsing the surface thoroughly.

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