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Bathroom Maid

Handy cleaning of toilets and drains with our Bathroom Maid.

At a Glance

Perfect for cleaning your toilet bowl or cleaning those hard to reach places like behind the faucets and toilet. A must have tool in your bathroom.

Area of Use

Bathrooms, shower rooms, laundry rooms, toilet and drain.



The Bathroom Maid Fibre together with the special Bathroom Maid handle reaches effortlessly into difficult corners. The toilet rim can be easily and most efficiently cleaned. If the fibre is not strong enough (e.g. for the initial clean) put a few drops of pure Calcium Dissolver onto the Fibre tip and clean along the toilet rim. Leave to take effect and then rinse thoroughly. Even hard to remove stains will be dissolved.


The longer reach of the handle enables the bottom of the toilet bowl below the water line, with the various calcium and urine stains, to be cleaned more thoroughly and effectively without having to reach into the toilet bowl with the hand. For heavy deposits put 1 - 2 teaspoons of Calcium Dissolver into the toilet bowl and leave to work overnight. Then clean with the Bathroom Maid.


The Bathroom Maid does not replace the toilet brush!

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