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Leather & Wood Balm

Natural nourishment for smooth leather products and wood surfaces.

At a Glance

The natural helper for polishing and maintaining all smooth leather items (e.g. shoes, bags, saddles) and wood (furniture, doors, etc.). When caring for wood, please remember to clean surfaces with our Living Soft Cloth as a first step so that the Leather & Wood Balm can penetrate the wood grain. Apply sparingly and polish into the material before buffing to a shine with the Polishing Glove if required.


Natural fats, oils and waxes such as carnauba palm wax, real beeswax, wool wax (lanolin), vaseline and liquid paraffin.

Area of Use

Smooth leather (shoes, bags, jackets, wallets, purses, belts, football boots etc.), wood (furniture, doors, window sills, etc.), car fittings.

Leather & Wood Balm cares for and nourishes leather and wooden surfaces.


Apply Leather & Wood Balm sparingly with the supplied polishing cloth, allow to act and then remove any excess balm with the same cloth or the Polishing Glove before buffing. When caring for leather, the surface must be clean and dry. When caring for wood, we recommend an initial clean with a soft ENJO fibre so that the balm can better penetrate the wood.


Do not use on glass surfaces (car windows etc.) or on non-absorbent materials, otherwise notable streaks will appear. Applying the Leather & Wood Balm to a light leather may cause the leather to darken. For this reason, please test on a small hidden area before use. Keep out of the reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place away from light.

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