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A must have to make the fibre technology perform. No buckets required.

At a Glance

The Spraybottle is the perfect helper for conveniently wetting fibres and smaller areas. Please do not fill the bottle with highly concentrated or abrasive cleaners.

Area of Use

The Spraybottle is used for spraying (dampening) Fibres and smaller surfaces. With the 360° system you can spray also over-head and in all directions.


Fill the Spraybottle with approx. 0,5 l of water. The nozzle can be adjusted by twisting. Water will be distributed, depending on the adjustment of the nozzle, from a fine mist to a jet stream when the black handle is pressed.


Do not put highly concentrated or harsh chemicals into the Spraybottle. Also when the bottle is empty water rests can be left in the tube. Therefore we recommend to close the nozzle if the Spraybottle is stored in laying position. The hoses for the Spray- and Pumpbottle can react sensitively on scent oil. The hose may become discoloured or even damaged. Therefore we kindly ask you to not use any fragrance oils for your Spray- & Pumpbottle.
The Spraybottle is not food safe.

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