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Healthy Home plus Floors Conversion

The Healthy Home Makeover plus the fabulous Floorcleaner, Dust Floorfibre and a Floorfibre of your choice!


This Healthy Home plus Floors Makeover is excellent value and converts 4 areas of your home in one go. Areas converted are: Bathroom, Kitchen, Living and Floors (Dust Floorfibre and Floorfibre of your choice).

The set includes:
- Bathroom Glove
- Bathroom Duocloth
- Bathroom ENJOfil x2
- Bathroom Maid Set
- Kitchen Duoglove
- Kitchen ENJOfil
- Kitchen Allpurpose Cloth x2
- Kitchen Star
- Marble Paste
- Living Duoglove
- Textile Duoglove
- Dust Glove
- Living ENJOfil
- Floorcleaner
- Dust Floorfibre
- Floorfibre of choice

$1,012.00 NZD