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Body Duoglove

Our double sided body glove for pore deep cleansing.

At a Glance

The Body Duoglove cleanses the skin deep into the pores. Rough skin becomes soft and smooth again. Simply rub in a circular motion using your favourite shower gel. The pores are unblocked, the circulation stimulated and the exchange of oxygen increased. The light fibre is suitable for sensitive skin and the dark fibre for normal skin. Our recommendation for children’s dirty feet!

Area of Use

Body,sensitive, delicate and normal skin


Damp to wet

Use the purple fibre to clean normal skin. The soft, mottled purple fibre is for cleaning sensitive skin. Clean the skin in gentle circular motions. When used wet, the Body Duoglove has an exfoliating effect. The wetter the fibre is, the stronger the massaging effect will be.


Massage your body with the damp Body Duoglove in circular movements, starting from the feet upwards and from the hands towards the heart. This technique supports and stimulates the circulation. Clean your body before a massage with our our body care fibre so that the oil and its active ingredients enter the skin faster and more effectively. In the sauna, the Body Duoglove can replace a traditional skin brush. A quick and gentle way to clean children’s dirty feet.


Do no use on couperose (dilated or broken capillaries and spider veins), varicose veins, phlebitis (inflamed veins) or skin rashes. Discuss with a doctor before using on extremely sensitive skin.

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