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Face Duoglove

Our small glove for sensitive and delicate skin.

At a Glance

The Face Duoglove has been specially developed for delicate and sensitive skin. The fibre gently removes dead cells, make-up and excessive oil deposits from the skin. Use the Face Duoglove to clean your face and neck using a gentle circular motion. This fibre, used only with water, provides a great hygiene routine for teenagers with oily skin, without the need for additional products. Caution: not to be used on areas where there is inflammation, redness or rash.

Area of Use

Face and décolleté, sensitive, delicate and normal skin.


Damp to wet

Use the pink fibre to clean normal skin. The soft, mottled purple fibre is for cleaning sensitive skin. Clean the skin in gentle circular motions. When used wet, the Face Duoglove has an exfoliating effect. The wetter the fibre is, the stronger the massaging effect will be.


Cleaning the skin with the sensitive side of the Face Duoglove is good preparation for face masks and creams. The Face Duoglove also helps teenagers with greasy and/or impure skin. Even face paint, waterproof mascara and lipstick kiss-proof lipstick can be removed quickly and gently.


Do no use on couperose (dilated or broken capillaries and spider veins) or skin rashes. Discuss with a doctor before using on sensitive parts of the face. The increased blood flow may initially lead to redness and a slight tingling of the skin. Do not treat the eye area at first. Here the skin is much thinner and more sensitive. If your skin does not react with the fibre in any way, you can also use it in the eye area.

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