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Fibre and Tool Replacements

Use with either of 2 fibres and the Power Grip to clean difficult to reach...
$49.00 NZD
Ideal for cleaning difficult areas, use with any of 4 different fibres and...
$44.00 NZD
Floorcleaner Plate to be used in conjunction with the Telescopic Pole
$89.00 NZD
Use your Windowcleaner 16cm to clean your large bathroom surfaces with...
$39.00 NZD
Replacement fibre for the Windowcleaner 28cm
$46.00 NZD
Replacement Fibre for the Windowcleaner 16cm
$39.00 NZD
Increase the uses of your Flexi 25cm tool to include the outdoors.
$39.00 NZD
Increase the uses for your 55cm Flexi tool with this general purpose fibre.
$56.00 NZD