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Our patented floor cleaning tool combines high functionality with easy handling.

Area of use

Used in combination with the Telescopic Pole for floors, ceilings, doors, tiled walls, conservatories, trucks, buses, boats, etc.


The ergonomically correct height is approximately chin - nose level of the user. When using you should be able to clean in an upright and relaxed position; the Telescopic Pole is too low if you have to bend and too high if the Floorcleaner is too far away from your body.

Together, with the Telescopic Pole and the correct Fibre, clean in a ‘S’ motion moving backwards. Only clean water is needed (except for Dust Floorfibre). The full area of the Floorcleaner presses the Floorfibre onto the floor, wall, or ceiling with the correct pressure and enables the Flooribre to clean deeply into surface crevices. Commonly used chemical cleaners are not needed and surfaces are left clean.

The 360° joint enables effortless cleaning in and around corners or for the Floorcleaner to be used lying flat or standing on its side (skirting boards).

ENJO hints

To clean the Floorcleaner; rinse the Plate with hot water (strong pressure, not a waterblaster) occasionally.

To make handling easier, only the 'Close' button is marked with black letters, so reading of both sides is unnecessary.

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