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Kitchen Duoglove

Always at your fingertips – our double sided glove for kitchen cleaning.

At a Glance

Suitable for use on everything from ceramic hobs and work surfaces to refrigerators and any dirt that requires more abrasive action. The striped side can be used to remove stubborn dirt. The green ENJOtex fibre loosens grime, fat deposits and oil before removing it all from the surface. With the addition of cold water, the surface grease will harden, allowing the fibre strands to pick it up and trap it inside your glove. Rinsing the fibre in warm or hot water will turn your grease into liquid again and allow it to be washed away. Perfect for carrying out a deep clean in combination with our Marble Paste.

Area of Use

Kitchen, dirty, greasy surfaces, hobs and ovens, extractor hoods, sinks, work surfaces, kitchen appliances and machines, kitchen utensils and surfaces made from chrome steel, stainless steel and similar materials, fridges and freezers.


Damp to wet

Loosen stubborn dirt with the striped green and black fibre. The green fibre collects dirt. For best results, use with cold water. This causes fat to harden, so it can be picked up by the fibre strands and remains there. Only when the fibre is rinsed in warm or hot water does fat become liquid again before being washed away. Use the Kitchen ENJOfil to wipe the surface dry.


The kitchen fibre removes oil, grease and protective wax from surfaces, so do not use it on wood furniture or delicate objects.
Remove large quantities of oil from fryers or frying pans with a paper towel before cleaning.
Do not use on hot items, otherwise the fibre will melt.

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