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Kitchen ENJOfil

Thanks to the special structure the perfect drying fibre in the kitchen.

At a Glance

Our recommendation for final drying and everyday use in the kitchen for lightly soiled surfaces and a wide range of very smooth surfaces such as chrome-plated items, glass panels and glass cabinets.

Area of Use

Kitchen, hobs and ovens, extractor hoods, sinks, work surfaces, kitchen appliances and machines, kitchen utensils and surfaces made from chrome steel, stainless steel and similar materials, fridges and freezers


Dry to damp

Use the Kitchen ENJOfil to dry without leaving streaks.


Shake briefly after washing in the machine.
Fold the cloth two or three times across the middle to create eight or 16 areas of cloth surface to dry with.


This delicate ENJO fibre may be torn by sharp edges or rough surfaces. If this happens, small holes may appear, but these do not affect the performance of the cloth.
Do not use on hot items, otherwise the fibre will melt.

If the Kitchen ENJOfil stops absorbing water, this is because it contains too many grease deposits. In such cases, wash the ENJOfil in the machine at 60°C.

We recommend giving the Kitchen ENJOfil a spring clean from time to time. Pour 10ml of Real Soap into a small container, place the ENJOfil in the container and then covered with water. Mix the soap well and leave the ENJOfil to soak for 12 hours. Finally, wash in the washing machine at 60°C without any additional detergent.

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