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Kitchen Star

Our hygienic, machine washable replacement for hundreds of sponges.

At a Glance

For washing dishes, pots, pans etc. The grey and black side of the Kitchen Sponge can be used to remove stubborn dirt. The green ENJOtex fibre removes grime, fat deposits and oil from the
surface. Our hygienic replacement for hundreds of disposable sponges.

Area of Use

Kitchen, dishes, pots and pans, work surfaces


Damp to wet

Loosen stubborn dirt with the striped black and grey fibre. The green fibre collects dirt. After use, wash out the sponge with a little soap, press out the water and hang up to dry.


The kitchen fibre removes oil, grease and protective wax from surfaces, so do not use it on wood furniture or delicate objects. Remove large quantities of oil from fryers or frying pans with a paper towel before cleaning. Do not use on hot items, otherwise the fibre will melt.

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