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Living Care

Our high quality acrylic fibre for shining results.
$28.00 NZD
Shining clean screens and displays with our superfine High Tech Cloth.
$29.00 NZD
Cristal clear sight with our cloth for glasses, camera and video lenses.
$28.00 NZD
Long lasting purification for delicate surfaces.
$39.00 NZD
Say good bye to lint, hair and fluff on cloths and fabric furniture.
$52.00 NZD
No more spots on high and hard to reach places with our flexible tool.
$135.00 NZD
Dusting in hard to reach areas with our flexible tool.
$135.00 NZD
Drying made easy with our super-absorbent, high quality ENJOfil.
$55.00 NZD