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Lint Glove

Say good bye to lint, hair and fluff on clothes and fabric furniture.

Area of use

To lift dust, hair, fluff and lint off fabrics easily. E.g. soft furnishings, clothing, fabrics and suede items and to remove lint from all ENJO fibres. Work against grain to collect lint and with grain to remove lint from the glove.

Ideal travel companion.



ENJO hints

The Lint Glove removes any lint and hair/dandruff from dress jackets and coats. The Lint Glove is also great when a paper tissue has been washed with the laundry by mistake.

Instead of laboriously picking the tissue off the clothes, wipe with the Lint Glove and the tissue will be removed in no time. With your dampened hand you can easily remove the lint from the Lint Glove.

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