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Living Duoglove (Textile/Soft)

ENJO's answer for spots and stains especially for textiles and leather

At a Glance

The double-sided glove offers the perfect combination of tools for cleaning coarse and fine materials. Do not rub excessively when cleaning. If too much water is used, the soft fibre (light blue side) can be used to dry areas with a blotting action. To avoid limescale deposits, we recommend using distilled water.

Area of Use

Fabrics, carpets, sofa covers, clothing (shirt collars, sleeves, anoraks etc.), shoes, car seats and roof lining, leather, suede and Alcantara, soft toys.



Always work on stains in a circular motion from outside to inside. Use the striped blue fibre on robust materials such as upholstered furniture and carpets. Use the light blue fibre on smooth textiles such as leather. Also use the light blue fibre to dry textiles after spot cleaning with the striped fibre. For heavy soiling, clean using a few drops of Real Soap.


Shake briefly after washing in the machine so that the fibre regains its shape. Use distilled water to avoid limescale deposits on textiles. If a fibre loop gets pulled out of the soft fibre during cleaning, it can simply be cut off. This will not damage the fabric.
Also ideal for cleaning stains such as children’s window paint that has not dried and spilled coffee. The Living Duoglove Textile roughs up the texture of suede shoes so that the leather can easily be cleaned. Also use the glove to remove red sand from tennis shoes, even at the seams.


We recommend not rubbing too vigorously. If too much water is used, the soft fibre can be used to dry areas.

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