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Living Flexi 55cm

No more spots on high and hard to reach places with our flexible tool.

At a Glance

This slim tool is perfect for cleaning hard to reach areas like indoor blinds, behind radiators and underneath furniture. Please note that vigorous scrubbing can cause the metal insert to damage the fibre.

Area of Use

Areas that are hard to reach or inaccessible, shelves and cabinets, curtain poles and blinds, wainscoting, vases, behind radiators and between their slits, washing machine drawers, nooks and crannies on leather sofas and armchairs, cavities below washing machines and driers.



The Flexi is a special bendable tool for cleaning areas that are hard to reach. Dampen the fibre, fold together and gently squeeze out any excess water. Slide the fibre onto the Flexi tool and pull the label to attach to the hook on the Flexi Metal.


Moisten one side of the fibre with the Spraybottle and use it to clean before wiping dry with the other side. When used in combination with the Telescopic Pole, the working radius is increased by more than 170cm. This is a safe and easy way to clean tall shelves and similar items in the home.


Do not scrub or scrape the front edge against hard objects because this can destroy the fibre. Keep away from children who might be tempted to use the Flexi as a toy sword.

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