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Outdoor ENJOfil

For high-tech-drying – super soft sanded, strongly absorbent and long lasting.

At a Glance

Our specialist outdoor cloth for everyday use - perfect for use on smooth surfaces such as car paint, car interiors and exteriors, motorcycles, bicycles and tools as well as for drying outdoor surfaces. Ideal when used like a chamois on freshly washed cars.

Area of Use

Outdoor areas, cars, bikes, and quad bikes, tools, sports equipment, children’s trikes, go-karts, etc., garden furniture, plastic windows, blinds, tents and tarpaulins, trainers and walking shoes.


Dry to damp

Use the Outdoor ENJOfil to dry without leaving streaks.


Shake briefly after washing in the machine. When using to wipe dry, fold the cloth two or three times across the middle to create eight or 16 areas of cloth surface to dry with.


This delicate ENJO fibre may be torn by sharp edges or rough surfaces. If this happens, small holes may appear, but these do not affect the performance of the cloth.

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