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Outdoor Flexi

Pore deep results in hard to reach corners and nooks – and there are many of them.

At a Glance

The expert tool for hard to reach areas such as car wheel rims, bikes, ventilation grilles, car grilles and guttering. To prevent damage to the fibre, the opening should always be large enough for the Outdoor Flexi to move in and out easily. Simply wet the top third of the Outdoor Flexi Fibre in cold water and adjust the Outdoor Flexi to the shape of the object to be cleaned. Such incredible flexibility makes light work of cleaning those alloy wheels!

Area of Use

Outdoor areas, cars, bikes, and quad bikes, ventilation grilles, gutters, blinds, railings, outflow pipes, door frames, garden benches.


Damp to wet

The Flexi is a special bendable tool for cleaning areas that are hard to reach. Dampen the fibre, fold together and gently squeeze out any excess water. Slide the fibre onto the Flexi tool and pull the label to attach the black rubber element to the Flexi hook.


Do not scrub or scrape the front edge against hard objects because this can destroy the fibre.

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