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Windowcleaner 16cm

Our revolutionary all-rounder for fast and flexible window and surface cleaning.

At a Glance

Our Windowcleaner to clean windows, conservatories and any other large, smooth surfaces such as doors, mirrors, greenhouses and boats. Clean the surface thoroughly with the fibre
and wipe down gently using the rubber blade. Use the Window ENJOfil to wipe moisture off the rubber blade after each pass.

Area of Use

Windows, smooth walls, floors, ceilings (tiles etc.), doors, mirrors, conservatories, cold frame glass covers, insect screens, swimming pools, boats, lorries and car roofs.


Damp to wet

Dampen the fibre, fold together and gently squeeze out any excess water. Pull the fibre onto the Windowcleaner and fasten with the push button. Thoroughly clean the window with the fibre. When water droplets begin to run off, wipe clear with the dry rubber lip, but not too forcefully – the rubber lip should not squeak. Catch any trickles of water in the fibre. Use the Window ENJOfil to wipe moisture off the rubber lip after each stroke. Also use the Window ENJOfil to wipe any remaining water from the edge of the glass. The Windowcleaner Fibre can be used on both sides. If the fibre becomes too dry during cleaning, spray the fibre or the window with water from the Spraybottle or Pumpbottle. The Combi Base can also be used with the Telescopic Pole and the Twister, if required, to clean high windows, conservatories and the like.


In the summer, more water should be used when cleaning due to the more intense sunshine. For tough stains on windows, use a little Marble Paste on the corner of the Windowcleaner. This is an easy way to remove dirt.


If window panes are very dusty, pre-clean them with plenty of water.

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