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Natural nourishment for smooth leather products and wood surfaces.
Your assistant for washing the ENJO fibres in the machine.
A must have to make the fibre technology perform. No buckets required.
A great way to start eliminating chemicals from your home
The Healthy Home Makeover plus the fabulous Floorcleaner, Dust Floorfibre...
The Bathroom Set will turn your bathroom into a chemical free zone in one...
Clean every surface in your kitchen with the Kitchen Set.
Clean and maintain all surfaces of your living area.
Clean your floors with the fabulous Floorcleaner.
Clean your window frames and windows in half the time using just water,...
Keep your car clean and shiny inside and out, including the wheels with...
The Outdoor Set has everything you need to clean and maintain all your...
The Skin Care products work to clean and gently exfoliate the skin to...
Replacement fibre for the Kitchen Maid Set
Pore deep cleaning of difficult areas with our flexible Bathroom Flexifibre
Replacement Fibre for the Bathroom Maid Set
For those who already have a Flexi tool an extra fibre to make it even...
Increase the uses for your 55cm Flexi tool with this general purpose fibre.
Increase the uses of your Flexi 25cm tool to include the outdoors
Replacement Fibre for the Windowcleaner 16cm
Replacement fibre for the Windowcleaner 28cm
Use your Windowcleaner 16cm to clean your large bathroom surfaces with...
Floorcleaner Plate to be used in conjunction with the Telescopic Pole
Ideal for cleaning difficult areas, use with any of 4 different fibres and...