Cleaning with a clear conscience

We believe that cleaning has nothing at all to do with chemistry. For nearly 30 years, ENJO has proven this: day after day, all over the world, with its innovative ENJOtex fibres, comprehensive product range and just a little cold water. This protects our environment and personal health – not to mention our wallets. Follow the ENJO way with us.

Be The Difference

Did you know that ENJO offers
the best fibre technology for effective cleaning?


We aim to do more than just sell cleaning products, ENJO has a philosophy and system behind its unique fibre cleaning products. That is why one
of our goals is to create ENJOpure homes by introducing chemical-free cleaning room by room or all at once – your choice. We know our happiest
customers are those that convert 5+ areas in their home and that’s so achievable by doing it room by room or getting an instant ENJOpure home.
It’s your choice


ENJO is 100% carbon-neutral

ENJO International signed up to the Climate Neutral Alliance and has been 100% carbon-neutral since September 2015.

Austrian State Coat of Arms

After a lengthy and intensive testing period, we were presented with the Austrian State Coat of Arms by the Austrian Government.

OEKO-TEX certificate

Our ENJOtex products have been awarded the internationally renowned OEKO-TEX certificate. This means our products are environmentally friendly and health-preserving.

Our Quality

Our ENJOtex fibres and product range set the world standard for cleaning. ENJO have on their doorstep in Vorarlberg, Austria, the unique opportunity to access five different textile techniques. This positioning allows ENJO to design and make fibres which are tailor-made. From the gentlest fibre to our strong and rugged ones, ENJO leads the field in terms of quality and functionality. Every product ENJO manufacture is hand-finished by our experienced and specialist production workers. We are passionate about our production – and you can see, feel and experience this every time you use your ENJO products. The quality is in the detail and we are proud of what we produce.

Our Drive

ENJO represents quality in all we do.
We don’t settle for anything less. From our handcrafted fibre range, our ethical and local suppliers, to our values, our people, and our output.We’re ambassadors for an environmentally responsible and sustainable product range. We believe in taking responsibility for our effect on the planet and actively seek-out new ways in which we can minimize our impact.

Our Responsibility

We’re genuinely interested in the world around us, in making a difference and in supporting others. We embrace learning and new trends, and pursue innovation to spread the chemical-free message far and wide.

Our People

Our ENJOpreneurs and ENJO customers are the heart of our business… they define our success. Their drive to build a better place inspires us, and supporting each other, celebrating each others success, and sharing our responsibility is what we do.

ENJO’s chemical-free all-natural fibre cleaning products provide spotless results more effectively than chemical-based toxic cleaners. Even our floor care range is safe and easy to use on any type of floor in your home.

Our extensive kitchen range has all you need to clean-up chemical-free, from Kitchen Sponges and Allpurpose Cloths to the iconic Kitchen Glove and must-have T-Towels, we have a product to suit the purpose and the surface in your kitchen.

Experience the difference an ENJO-clean bathroom can make to your health and wellbeing with our range of eco-friendly bathroom products. Our ENJO Fibres offer a lasting, sparkling clean every time, without the use of harsh chemicals.

With our outdoor and car care ranges too, we’ve got your whole chemical-free cleaning needs covered. Tough, durable and able to handle the worst your outdoor areas have to offer.

Just add water and refresh your clean with ENJO…you can also clean-up with the opportunity to run your own flexible ENJO business.

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Our relevance: ENJO's chemical-free

ENJO is futureproof! Sustainability and environmental awareness are a global priority. Our brand protects our natural environment, human and ecological health. The opportunity for ENJO is huge.