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All The Questions You’ve Ever Had About ENJO Are Finally Answered

We should all strive to keep our homes clean, but we should also try to ensure that we clean our houses in safe and efficient ways that don’t expose our families to potentially harmful chemicals. With incredible ENJO products, you can expertly clean your home without a drop of cleaning chemicals.

If you’re used to coating your cleaning tools in strong-smelling, chemical-filled cleaning liquids, then you most likely have one big question: How is this possible? Can you really sufficiently clean your household without the chemicals you’re already used to?

This article will cover a few of the most commonly asked questions concerning ENJO products, so keep reading to learn all about why you should invest in these incredible fibres today!

The Most Common Questions Asked About ENJO Products

Knowing the answers to these general questions can help you make the smart decision to start using these wonderful products yourself. With these, you can make your home safer and cleaner for you and your loved ones. Some thoughts that might be on your mind are:

How Can ENJO Clean Without Chemicals? This is perhaps the first question that people think when they learn about ENJO products – how can these fibres possibly get your home clean without harsh chemicals? Don’t you need killer chemicals to get rid of nasty bacteria?

In reality, you don’t have to kill all the bacteria in your home. It’s a common myth that you must get rid of bacteria in order to be clean. Instead of using potentially toxic chemicals, ENJO fibres physically trap and remove bacteria from the surface you are cleaning, along with any dirt or debris. Once you clean and dry your surface, it will be much harder for bacteria to grow back.

So, as you can tell, it is absolutely possible to clean your household without suspicious chemicals.

How Are ENJO Fibres Created? Every single ENJO product is made by hand by skilled sewers and workers. This means that every product you see has been created, examined and approved by people who care about quality. You don’t need to worry about errors in your products from mindless machines or careless workers because every fibre you get is made with thought and carefulness.

How Often Should I Replace My ENJO Products? No one wants to buy awesome new cleaning products only to throw them away a week later. Using low-quality, weak or single-use products is incredibly wasteful and expensive. Therefore, knowing how long you can use a cleaning tool when you buy it is important. 

Incredibly, ENJO fibres have been shown to last for around three years. Of course, individual circumstances can still apply, and you should still replace your products if they no longer work well. There are three ways to tell if you need to get new fibres – check to see if they look visually worn down or if their filaments are thinning, compare the cleaning abilities between your old fibres to your new fibres to see if they still perform well and check to see how old they are. If they are over three years old, you may want to replace them, even if they look fine.

What Do I Do With My Old Fibres? So, you have a pile of old ENJO products that don’t clean as well anymore. Time to throw them in the bin, right? 

Actually, no. We at ENJO care about our impact on the earth and never want to see a single ENJO fibre go to a landfill. Instead, we encourage you to send your old products back to us where we will upcycle them into insulation and car seats. With your help, we can help reduce waste and make the world a more eco-friendly place.

Do ENJO Products Create Microplastics? Microplastics have become a big concern in recent years, and for a good reason. Although we still aren’t fully aware of the impact of microplastics on our health and the environment, we do know that they – and plastic in general – can contain very harmful substances.

We should all strive to create fewer microplastics and use less plastic in general, and you can start with ENJO. We have found that households that use ENJO products rather than chemical-based cleaners produce far fewer microplastics than most. In fact, it would take an ENJO household many years to produce the same amount of microplastics that a chemical cleaning home makes in just one year.

Where Can You Get Your Own Incredible ENJO Products?

Now that you know all about what makes ENJO great, are you ready to start cleaning smartly and safely? Our ENJOpreneurs are experts in guiding you on what is best for your home and environment plus our online shop includes many awesome cleaning tools and fibre technology that will serve you well for years.

We know that using a new kind of cleaning product can be a challenge, so if you have any questions about our tools, processes or goals, please visit our contact page.

Make your home cleaner and less wasteful with our incredible ENJO products!