ENJO.Cleaning with a clear conscience.

How To Create A Business That Works For You

There’s something extraordinary about becoming independent and starting your own business from home. You can control how and when you work and use your judgement without being hounded by someone else. With ENJO, we give you the opportunity to change your life and become an ENJOpreneur.

People just like you have found success with our services. Our products can change how you and your customers clean your homes with our chemical-free, eco-friendly cleaning tools and fibres.

But is it really that easy? How can you start, and what can you do to satisfy your customers and find success?

How To Start Your Own Business From Home With ENJO

You have a few options when using ENJO products in your home. You could simply buy and use your own products, purchasing replacements when needed. You could also host an ENJO Demo at your home or online to see this wonderful cleaning system in action, or you can sign up to become an ENJOpreneur.

When you host an ENJO Demo, you can see and show off your favourite ENJO fibres and tools at your home or through your screen from a digital Demo. You can also invite your friends and family to share the wonders of these eco-friendly products. ENJO gives Hosts generous rewards with ENJO dollars to spend up to $350 or half price Host sets and as an ENJOpreneur you get great commission rates and bonuses, which can help you become more financially independent. Turn 4 hours into $250+! We all need that little cash injection from time-to-time, whether it’s to cover the festive season, to pay for school fees or to put towards that next holiday.

Holding an ENJO Demo is really a win-win because you can spend time and earn some ENJO dollars with your loved ones, and your friends and family can improve the hygiene and health of their homes with new eco-friendly cleaning products. Bonding over these excellent cleaning tools can bring you closer together and get people to become more environmentally-friendly when cleaning their households.

If you want to take everything a step further and commit more time to becoming successful, you can choose to become an ENJOpreneur. Running your own small business has a plethora of benefits because you will be able to call the shots and work how you’d like to work.

In fact, becoming an ENJOpreneur has even more benefits than most startup businesses because we will be right here to help you. A great part about selling our products is that you don’t have to start from the bottom. Our outstanding ENJO cleaning tools are already well-known for being fantastic, so some of your customers may already be interested, and you save some time when trying to make a sale.

You won’t just buy a package and be on your own, either. We also offer valuable online and face-to-face training to help you become successful. Not only that, but we are also happy to offer our valued ENJOpreneurs fantastic discounts on our products, up to 30% off!

What To Do To Boost Your Chances Of Success

Great products will always sell. But, there are still lots of things you can do to boost your sales and profits. You will learn some great tips if you smartly decide to receive free training from us.

A few basic things that every smart small business owner needs to remember are:

Believe In Your Products And Services. If you don’t believe in your products, neither will your customers. Always be enthusiastic and passionate when showing your clients your stock. If you give off a wonderful positive aura, your clients will pick up on that, and they’ll be more likely to love your products as much as you do.

Offer Excellent Customer Service. No one wants to purchase goods from someone who’s disrespectful, even if they need the items. If you would like your clients to be happy with you, you should remain positive, helpful and likeable. Getting aggressive, acting bored or trying to force someone to buy something will only make people dislike you.

Even if a customer gets particularly disrespectful, it would be best if you keep a level head and remind yourself that not every interaction will be successful. Pick yourself up and never resort to being rude – it’s always better to be the bigger person and move on to happier things.

Put In The Effort And See Your Rewards. A key point that every business owner needs to know is effort. Without effort and discipline, you aren’t going to be successful. Always give it your all; if you cut corners, then you won’t see great results.

Where To Go To Start Your Life As An ENJOpreneur

If you want to enhance your life and become successful, we encourage you to contact us at ENJO! We have helped heaps of people become financially independent with our ENJOpreneur services. Our business comes with plenty of awesome benefits that you will surely love.

If you are ready to make more money, use sustainable products and improve the world, you can visit our website’s helpful contact page or give us a call at +64 800 140 340 to speak with our friendly team. We love helping people succeed, and we’d love to hear from you!

Enhance your life and learn all about what it means to triumph with us at ENJO!