ENJO.Cleaning with a clear conscience.

Our Quality Floor Cleaning System

Say goodbye to your bucket, mop, broom and chemicals with our best selling product, the ENJO Floor System.

Removing dust and grime from skirting boards, kickboards, and hard to reach places like under furniture has just got a whole lot easier. And like our entire chemical free ENJO range, the Floor System is quick and easy to use; leaving your floor surfaces 6 times cleaner with a streak-free finish, using only water and our signature Floorfibres.

The lightweight, ergonomic Floorcleaner is going to arrive in two pieces; the Floor Plate and the Telescopic Pole (remember using this product from our Flexifibre blog?) Once these two are connected, you can kick out your old floor cleaning routine! With a 360° universal joint, and a handle that can move parallel to the floor, you get to take the back bend out of cleaning.

Further proof that this tool is quite the showstopper, is the ability to operate the Floorcleaner Plate and fit the fibres using only your foot. The Telescopic Pole is adjusted to nose height, creating an ergonomic system that allows the user to keep an upright posture while cleaning floors.  With a unique locking collar, the Floorcleaner can also be stored in a standing position, ready to go for the next cleaning mission.

Our Floor Set will always include the Dust Floorfibre – this is going to be your must-have fibre that can be used anywhere dry dusting is required. Effective at collecting dust, dirt, animal and human hair, the Dust Fibre is used prior to cleaning your floor with water and your chosen damp/wet Floorfibre.

When it’s time to purchase your Floor Set, your ENJOpreneur will help you select the Floorfibre that is best suited to your floors, and the areas that you are wanting to clean.

Fussy Floorfibre; as the name suggests, this fibre is used for our high-maintenance floors such as waxed, oiled, tiled, cork or high shine surfaces that need a gentle touch. The Fussy Floorfibre can also be used to dry off the stronger clean of our medium to strong Floorfibres.

Medium Floorfibre; this fibre is best suited to indoor surfaces. It’s the most popular Floorfibre for all floors except those mentioned above, like varnished or laminated floors.  If necessary use with water and a drop of ENJO’s  Washing Up Helper and dull floors will be left with a sparkle and shine.

Strong Floorfibre; This is a dense fibre that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor floor surfaces. Specifically designed to target stubborn dirt and greasy deposits, the Strong Floorfibre will retain the grub until it is washed out.

Extreme Floorfibre; This is a heavy duty Floorfibre that is best suited to outdoor areas, like exterior brick walls, flagstones, concrete or removing algae from pool tiles. It is also excellent for internal areas that require a more aggressive clean like concrete garage floors.

Talk to your ENJOpreneur to see the Floorcleaning system in action or go to https://shop.enjo.co.nz/our-specials/ to find out more.