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We are a nation of car lovers yet an average car wash can consume 180 litres of water. That’s where ENJO’s car cleaning fibres are driving positive change – use less water and less time to clean your car. Keep your car clean and shiny inside and out, including the wheels with this set. This set gives 3 years worth of cleaning your pride and joy! PLUS Weather extremes and sometimes water restrictions make it hard to shift grime and keep the shine in your outdoors. The Outdoor Duoglove has everything you need to clean and maintain all your outdoor areas including barbecue, outdoor setting, decking, doors, floors, the lot! Plus ENJO gives you 3 years of high quality Outdoor clean!

Original price was: $336.Current price is: $294. NZD

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Set includes: Car Glove, Outdoor Duoglove, Outdoor ENJOfil  and Outdoor Flexi

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