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The Bathroom Set will turn your bathroom into a chemical free zone in one...
Clean every surface in your kitchen with the Kitchen Set
Clean and maintain all surfaces of your living areas
Clean your floors with the fabulous Floorcleaner.
Clean your window frames and windows in half the time using just water,...
Keep your car clean and shiny inside and out, including the wheels with...
The Outdoor Set has everything you need to maintain all your outdoor areas.
The Skin Care products work to clean and gently exfoliate the skin to...
Replacement E-Clip to attach the Windowcleaner to the Telescopic Pole.
Replacement fibre for the Combiwiper 25cm
Re[placement fibre for the Combiwiper 35cm
Replacement clip for Windowcleaner
Always at your fingertips – our classic fibre for the bathroom
Sparkling results with our super-absorbent, streak free drying cloth.
Our small double sided cloth for in-between cleaning and drying.
The ideal assistant for cleaning of tiles and tile joints.
Handy cleaning of toilets and drains with our Bathroom Maid.
Pore deep cleaning of difficult areas with our flexible tool.
Our all-rounder for revolutionary cleaning of tiles and shower doors.
Always at your fingertips – our double sided glove for kitchen cleaning.
Thanks to the special structure the perfect drying fibre in the kitchen.
Our answer to the everyday clean up needs in your kitchen.
Our hygienic, machine washable replacement for hundreds of sponges.
The small double sided cloth for heavy kitchen dirt and grease.