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Bathroom Windowcleaner 16cm

Our all-rounder for revolutionary cleaning of tiles and shower doors.

At a Glance

The Windowcleaner is available in two sizes and is the perfect tool for cleaning larger areas in bathrooms, en-suites, shower rooms etc. The smaller version is perfect for cleaning the bath - wipe away excess water with the rubber blade or your Bathroom ENJOfil.

Area of Use

Bathrooms, shower rooms, laundry rooms, tiles and shower cubicles.


Damp to wet

Dampen the fibre, fold together and gently squeeze out any excess water. Pull the fibre onto the Windowcleaner and fasten with the push button. Thoroughly clean the surface with the fibre. When water droplets begin to run off, wipe clear with the dry rubber lip, without too much pressure – the rubber lip should not squeak. Use the Bathroom ENJOfil to wipe moisture off the rubber lip after each stroke.


The Bathroom Combiwiper Fibre 16cm can be used on both sides. If the fibre becomes too dry during cleaning, the surface being cleaned can be sprayed with water.


Calcium deposits can act like sandpaper on delicate surfaces as the scratch very easily (e.g. Plexiglas). In these cases, Calcium Dissolver can be used first to dissolve the calcium before rinsing the surface thoroughly.

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