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Replacement E-Clip to attach the Windowcleaner to the Telescopic Pole.
Replacement extensions for the Windowcleaner 28cm
Your assistant for washing the ENJO fibres in the machine.
Replacement rubber for Windowcleaner 16cm
Replacement rubber for Windowcleaner 28cm
Replacement clip for Windowcleaner
A must have to make the fibre technology perform. No buckets required.
Replacement fibre for the Kitchen Maid Set
Replacement Fibre for the Bathroom Maid Set
Our high quality acrylic fibre for shining results.
Replacement channel and rubber for Windowcleaner 16cm
For cleaning of extremely dirty or greasy surfaces
Replacement fibre for the Combiwiper 25cm
Replacement channel and rubber for Windowcleaner 28cm
Kid's Wheel Glove...
Our answer for surfaces with stubborn heavy calcium, lime scale, or hard...
Remove make up and mascara gently yet thoroughly.
Crystal clear sight with our cloth for glasses, camera and video lenses.
Our answer to the everyday clean up needs in your kitchen.
Our double sided cloth for cleaning your fruit and veggies.
Shining clean screens and displays with our superfine High Tech Cloth.
Pore deep body cleaning cloth for sensitive and normal skin.
Travel size set for spot cleaning textiles
The Power Grip is the handle which fits all ENJO tooling.