The bathroom tends to be the smallest room in the home, which should mean cleaning is quick – but poor ventilation, high humidity and water use make it hard to keep clean. Regularly cleaning will help make your cleaning-life easier, and also help prevent more sinister problems like mould.

Why cleaning your bathroom without harsh chemicals is better

Improves indoor air quality

It’s estimated that indoor air is already 5 times more polluted than outside air, and adding chemicals from cleaning products in such a confined space pollutes the air further. This is particularly true for the smelly, strong chemicals found in bathroom cleaning products. In fact, a study recently published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine claims that regularly using household cleaning products could be as bad as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day.

As we spend the vast majority of our time indoors, indoor air quality is important for a healthy home. Looking for ways to improve the quality of the air you’re breathing is especially important if you or your family members suffer from asthma or allergies.

Makes cleaning safer

Reducing chemical use anywhere in the home will ultimately make it a safer space to live, and it’s very important in a space where your skin is exposed to the surrounding environment – the bathroom.

Saves water

Whilst cleaning, around 80% of the water we use flows straight down the drain. However, switching to a chemical-free way to clean will help reduce your household wastewater. No chemicals means no need to rinse away chemical residue. Simply fill your 500ml Spraybottle with water and spray as you go.

Reduces household waste

No chemicals means no contaminated wastewater and no packaging waste. ENJO products are packed into a reusable laundry bag – meaning product and packaging that you wash instead of waste. Plus, ENJO products are reusable for 3 years and upcycled at the end of their useful cleaning life.

Protects fixtures and fittings 

Certain chemicals (and the combination of certain chemicals) can cause damage or corrosion to materials, fixtures and fittings. Cleaning with just water and fibre technology removes that risk.

Your chemical-free bathroom cleaning tools

ENJO’s bathroom range has everything you need to keep your bathroom clean and safe, without a single harsh chemical.

Over the last 22 years, ENJO New Zealand have been perfecting their fibre technology so that they can offer cleaning products that clean effectively, and safely with just water.

The right side

The different bathroom fibres to suit your various bathroom surfaces.

Clean (logo) side – Reaches deep to remove calcium, lime and mineral deposits. Also great for mould and soap scum.

Care (soft) side – A kinder clean for smooth, delicate surfaces. Perfect for glass and mirrors.

Grime (striped) side – Rough to scour surfaces for tough, built up grime.

How to clean your shower with ENJO

Recommended products | Bathroom Multi Tool Complete

Step 1. Wet the ENJO Bathroom Multi Tool Fibre under the tap and squeeze out any excess water.

Step 2. Attach fibre to the Multi Tool plate and use the ENJO Spraybottle to wet the shower screen.

Step 3. Clean the shower screen and tiles using the Multi Tool to loosen and lift dirt, water marks and calcium build up. Turn the tool around and use the rubber blade from the top to the bottom of the screen for a streak-free finish.

Step 4. If needed, use the super absorbent Bathroom ENJOfil to dry off any water residue for a clean and clear finish.

Top tip:  If cleaning your shower screen hasn’t been a priority and it’s looking pretty grubby, use the Calcium Dissolver on the Bathroom Star for a deeper clean to remove heavy build up.

How to clean your bathroom grout with ENJO

Recommended products | Bathroom Star Calcium Dissolver

Step 1. Wet the Bathroom Star under the tap and squeeze out any excess water.

Step 2. Use the rough ‘grime’ side of the Bathroom Star to scour the surfaces of the tiles and grout, loosening and lifting dirt and soap scum.

Step 3. Turn the Bathroom Star over and use the ‘clean’ side to collect and remove the loosened dirt and soap scum.

Step 4. To remove calcium build-up, apply a small amount of ENJO’s Calcium Dissolver neat to your ENJO Bathroom Star. Wipe the affected areas, for heavy build-up leave the Calcium Dissolver to work for a few minutes.

How to clean your bathroom mirror with ENJO

Recommended products | Bathroom Glove + Bathroom ENJOfil

Step 1. Wet the Bathroom Glove and mirror using the Spraybottle.

Step 2.  Use the ‘Care’ (not logo side) of the glove to wipe the mirror.

Step 3. Use the Bathroom ENJOfil for a dry, streak-free finish.

How to clean your bathroom sink, benchtops + tapware with ENJO 

Recommended products | Bathroom Duocloth + Bathroom ENJOfil

Step 1. Wet your Bathroom Duocloth under the tap and squeeze out any excess water.

Step 2. Clean the surfaces, ensuring you clean around the base of tapware.

Step 3. Use the super absorbent Bathroom ENJOfil to dry your tapware, benchtop and basin area.

How to clean your toilet with ENJO

Recommended products | Bathroom Maid or Bathroom Flexi, Bathroom Duocloth, Calcium Dissolver

Step 1. Use the Spraybottle to wet the Bathroom Duocloth and toilet surfaces.

Step 2. Clean the surfaces, working from the cleanest areas (cistern and flush button) to dirtiest (seat and lid).

Step 3. Use the Bathroom Maid or Bathroom Flexi to clean under the rim and the bowl.

Step 4. Use the Bathroom ENJOfil to dry.

Top Tip: Use Calcium Dissolver in bowl to remove build-up and discolouration.