ENJO.Cleaning with a clear conscience.


How many areas can you see around the room that never get cleaned because they’re too high or in the too hard basket? We felt that way too, which is why ENJO designed the innovative and hardworking Flexi tool.

The Flexi Metal comes in 25cm and 55cm lengths designed to bend, reach and clean the tricky, often overlooked places. Their incredible flexibility makes light work of cleaning your home. 



The Flexi 25 is compatible with the Bathroom Fibre. With a simple bend of the Flexifibre you can thoroughly clean around the toilet bowl and under the rim.  Other tricky areas to clean, like behind taps, towel rails and exposed pipes are a thing of the past!

Pair the Flexi 25 with the Outdoor Fibre and you’ve got a game changer for cleaning car wheel rims and grilles, bikes, ventilation grilles, downpipes and guttering. Simply wet the top third length of the Outdoor Flexifibre, bend to the desired shape and clean. 


Look up! Do you have those dangling dust bunnies in the corners of your home? Not us! The Flexi 55 makes cleaning high-stud ceilings, aircon units, ceiling fans and hanging lights a breeze.

Our Dust Flexifibre is a collector of dust particles as you guide the Flexi tool between those difficult to reach areas. The possibilities are endless; around your oven, under the fridge or washing machine, behind the TV.  We have confidence that you’ll find your own unique spots too!

Still reaching all the same tricky places but working a bit harder, the Living Fibre is used wet, to remove the more stubborn caked on dust, grime or stains. And let’s not forget those pain points that are high out of reach – both the Flexi tools connect to the Telescopic Pole for an extended reach of 1.8-2.25m

There really is no spot our Flexi tool cannot reach but if you’re still not convinced or you’d like to try it for yourself, contact us to book a Demo with one of our ENJOpreneurs today.