ENJO.Cleaning with a clear conscience.

The LIVING CARE SET – is so versatile.

Just like the name suggests, the Living Care Set is dedicated to lifting dust, hair, and dirt from the living spaces around your home, the lounge, bedrooms and office.

First up, we begin your cleaning routine with the orange DUST GLOVE. Simply work your way around the room, cleaning in a circular motion. This little gem will trap and hold dust, hair and small debris from all surfaces in your living spaces. Once the dust collection is complete – take the glove outside and shake to expel the dust.

For a deeper clean to lift dirt or stubborn stains, grab your LIVING DUOGLOVE (Medium/Strong). The dark blue glove is used damp for general purpose cleaning on all surfaces including sealed wood, doors, walls and glass.  Wet under the tap, roll the fibre to disperse the water, then gently squeeze to remove excess.

Working the glove in a circular motion, the medium/strong fibres will erase fingerprints and make short work of those unknown sticky patches left by ‘small people’. Spot a spill on your favourite rug? Simply spray the area with water (hello ENJO SPRAYBOTTLE) and use the glove to lift.

As our living spaces are home to various textiles and fragile surfaces, we recommend the LIVING DUOGLOVE (Textile/Soft) for fabric, leather, clothing and device screens. Better still, you can utilise this glove for the interior of your vehicles.

For more robust materials like carpet or upholstered furniture, use the striped blue side or flip the glove for the light blue fibres which work best on smooth or more delicate fabrics like leather. Just like its big medium/strong brother, this glove is to be used damp.


To wrap up with a streak free finish, the LIVING ENJOfil is your super absorbent fibre which will dry off your freshly cleaned surfaces. An ENJOpreneur hack; lightly dampen the ENJOfil to spot clean glass surfaces and device screens.

For antique furniture and decor, silver cutlery or jewellery we recommend the POLISHING CLOTH, used in a circular motion this fibre will leave your treasures shining!

To care and extend the life of your wooden surfaces and smooth leather (this includes leather footwear and jackets) our NATURAL HELPER Leather & Wood Balm is a must have.  To ensure the balm penetrates deeply, the balm is applied after you have removed dust with the DUST GLOVE and cleaned with the LIVING DUOGLOVE (Textile/Soft).  For added shine, buff with the POLISHING CLOTH.

Say goodbye to disposable adhesive lint rollers with our LINT GLOVE. Designed to remove lint, hair and fluff from clothes and fabric furniture, this handy fibre works on upholstery, woollen blankets and velour. You can even take it to the man cave and revitalise your snooker or pool table!