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What makes ENJO so great for the environment?

Being more environmentally conscious has become a big concern for companies and consumers. At ENJO, we are proud to offer our treasured clients excellent cleaning products that are great for you and the world around you.

When you use any product that claims to be green, it’s essential that you look into just what makes it eco-friendly. Doing this lets you know exactly what you’re using and why you should feel good about it.
So, what makes ENJO products so great for the environment?

ENJO Products Are Eco-Friendly And Safe, Here’s Why

Any company can claim to be green, but not all of them can claim to have the wonderful kinds of products that we carry at ENJO. Thirteen reasons why every eco-conscious person should use our incredible cleaning products are:

1. ENJO Fibres Last For A Long Time. Part of being good to the environment is using less single-use things and more sustainable products – and our fibres are perfect for this. Our lovely ENJO fibres can last up to three years if you treat them well and use them correctly.

2. You Don’t Need Harmful Chemicals To Clean With ENJO. One unique quality about our products is that you don’t need to cover them in weird chemicals to clean properly. Not many people know just how dangerous household cleaning chemicals can be. Many of these chemicals can cause seriously hazardous fumes if accidentally mixed.

With our fibres, you only need deft hands and a bit of cold water – no dangerous chemicals in sight!

3. ENJO Products Produce Fewer Microplastics Than Typical Cleaning Products. Microplastics are, unfortunately, now found all over the world in all stages of life. These harmful bits of debris can be found in the environment, in the water and even in some animals. We all must do our part to reduce our plastic usage to help the world heal.

Switching to ENJO products has been shown to drastically reduce the number of microplastics a household uses.

4. You Can Send Back Your Old Fibres To Be Upcycled. Something great about our fibres is that you don’t have to throw them out, even when they no longer work well. Instead, send them back to us, and we will upcycle them so they can be used in other ways.

5. ENJO Products Are Made With Locally-Sourced Materials. Our products are made in Austria using locally-sourced materials, which supports the economy and reduces waste.

6. Our Fibres Allow You To Use Less Water. You only need to use water to clean with our fibres properly, and you don’t even need to use much water. Just a bit of cold water can allow you to efficiently clean your surfaces.

7. ENJO Uses Environmentally-Conscious Transportation Systems. When we transport our products and materials, we make sure to use less wasteful transport systems. These transportation options include ships and trains.

8. Chemical-Free Cleaning Fibres Are Safer For Your Pets. If you have beloved pets, the last thing you want to do is accidentally poison them when you’re just trying to get your home clean. Some cleaning chemicals can be very unsafe to your furry friends, especially when they don’t know what’s safe and unsafe. So, not having to use toxic chemicals will protect your four-legged family members from harm.

9. ENJO Fibres Are Free Of Toxic Materials. We ensure to use only good and safe materials in our fibres – no potentially harmful ingredients.

10. Chemical-Free Products Have Less Of An Impact On Our Local Waterways. Most people rinse off their chemical-covered products in their sinks, which will then drain those substances into your area’s waterways. This can then harm fish and wildlife who come into contact with it. So, naturally, not using these chemicals subsequently protects those animals as well.

11. At ENJO, We Are Climate Positive. We have been climate neutral since 2015 and in 2022 became climate positive.

12. Using ENJO Can Encourage Others To Go Green As Well. A fantastic side effect of using green products is that you may even encourage others to do so as well. When you tell your friends about the amazingly safe and convenient cleaning products you use, you may be helping someone else lessen their impact on the world.

13. Using Our Products Means Less Waste In Landfills. Every time you use an ENJO fibre instead of a single-use or plastic-filled cloth, you prevent more waste in landfills. You won’t need to throw away a subpar cloth, and you won’t have to toss out plastic bottles from chemical cleaners.

Are You Interested In Being More Environmentally Friendly? Shop ENJO Today!

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If you aren’t sure how to start or if you’d like to start small, we encourage you to check out our Starter Sets. These simple but straightforward sets come with the basics so you can test our products yourself.If you’d like to learn more, please contact us.

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