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I love it

I have just the basics but I love it. No chemicals in my bathroom since we renovated it 7 years ago!!!!!


Loving my personal ENJO set

Loving my personal ENJO set, I put my eye pads next to my bed at night to take off the days makeup saves using wipes and the rubbish/ earth


It saves me so much time

Have just become a recent convert of ENJO! I had tried out a friends set recently to clean up a rental I moved out of and it was AMAZING- Got my full bond back thanks to ENJO!! The new rental I moved into was a little sad looking, so I had my ENJO rep come over and show me some awesome products and now my new house is looking amazing! The best part? it saves me so much time and I don’t have to worry about my three year old touching what I’ve been cleaning because of no chemicals!


We bought the bathroom ENJO products

We bought the bathroom ENJO products two years ago when we renovated our en-suite. We wanted it chemical free right from the start. We had replaced two toilets prior that had cracking, peeling and crazing due to chemicals used especially on the seat and cistern and didn’t want to wreck our new ones given that it is not cheap to renovate. The new en-suite still looks like new after cleaning it with ENJO. I like how the mirror isn’t streaked, the taps are shiny with no water marks.


 using the products for 13 years

I have been using the products for 13 years and wouldn’t change back ever!!! I love the ease of cleaning, the no chemical smell and helping the environment!!!!


Saves me dragging out

ENJO ​Floorfibres have been a god send. Saves me dragging out the vacuum cleaner every day to keep up with doggies muddy paw prints all across the tiles. Brilliant.


bench was clean as new again

Had an unknown substance on the pantry bench which hadn’t moved with anything I’d tried on it. ENJO came along & after a short squirt of water then a wipe with a Kitchen Duoglove, gunge was gone & the bench was clean as new again ????


using ENJO for over 6 years

I have been using ENJO for over 6 years now, my son used to get really bad eczema behind his knees and they would crack and bleed, I heard about using ENJO through a friend and decided to go chemical free, he healed up instantly and has never had a problem since.


I Love using my ENJO in the bathroom

I love using my ENJO in the bathroom, kitchen and lounge! The main reason I started using ENJO is the fact that there’s no chemicals which is really important to me. ENJO ticks all the boxes and my house is clean.


Love these products!

Love these products! My skin reacts to detergent and cleaners so my ENJO cloths have saved me from a lot of discomfort. Now if only they came with someone else to operate them they would be perfect!!


it’s amazing

The window cleaning tool is my best pick it’s amazing at a streak free finish I use it every week and love how fast it is to use I highly recommend this to others.


OMG! I love my ENJO.

OMG! I love my ENJO. I especially love that I get a streak free glass splash back for the first time ever! I am not a lover of house work (believe it or not ..some folk are!) but ENJO sure makes cleaning a whole lot easier.


Love, love, love all ENJO products

Love, love, love all ENJO products, have been using them in every room in my house for over 12 years. Newly introduced to the fab tea towel & dishcloths & wahoo even my husband is totally converted. He is always amazed at how the BBQ comes so clean with the outdoor glove & some warm water, no drama to get him to clean it.


I love ENJO with a passion!

I love ENJO with a passion! Bought my first small set when my daughter was in a capsule (7 years ago) and still use it today. Loved the concept of cleaning without chemicals and still do!!


amazing and soooo easy to use

My fav thing about ENJO (so hard to pick one thing!) was when I was 30+ weeks pregnant and nesting, the ENJO mop was my best friend!! I went crazy with NEEDING to mop every surface! Walls, the roof, everything! And it was amazing and soooo easy to use without hurting my back or my baby!!!